April 30, 2016


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Canadian aboriginal community declares suicide emergency Written by ROB GILLIES, Associated Press 429
Former Kickapoo tribal leaders charged in tribal court Written by Associated Press 371
New Mexico pueblo reclaims swath of historic tribal homeland Written by MARY HUDETZ, Associated Press 611
US, French officials meet about auction of tribal objects Written by FELICIA FONSECA, Associated Press 717
Jewell Advances Discussion on Repatriation of Tribal Sacred Objects with French Authorities Written by DOI Media Release 633
Tumultuous World Indigenous Games wraps up in Brazil Written by JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press 639
Indigenous from Amazon see Brazil nut as forest’s future Written by JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press 671
Indigenous ‘Olympics’ gets underway in remote Brazilian city Written by JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press 643
Tribe struggles for survival in Colombia Written by JACOBO GARCÍA, Associated Press 745
Desert tribe faces hardship as Venezuela fights smuggling Written by ACOBO GARCIA, Associated Press 758
Some Alaska Natives allowed visa-free travel to Russian area Written by RACHEL D’ORO, Associated Press 918
Osage Nation closer to health care self-governance Written by Associated Press 631
Lower Brule tribe honors late Lakota Chief Iron Nation Written by Associated Press 968
Cherokee chief hopes to focus on health care, jobs Written by JUSTIN JUOZAPAVICIUS, Associated Press 928
Paris auction house selling sacred masks refuses to stop Written by THOMAS ADAMSON, Associated Press 1368
Hopi Tribe, lawmakers urge US to stop sale of sacred items Written by RYAN VAN VELZER, Associated Press 1179
Ireland recognizes gift from Choctaw Nation Written by ADAM KEMP, The Oklahoman 1953
Navajos buy back sacred masks at Paris auction Written by THOMAS ADAMSON and FELICIA FONSECA, Associated Press 3006
Tribe secures water in northwestern Arizona Written by FELICIA FONSECA, Associated Press 2351
First Nation Leaders, Elders and Citizens to Gather in Winnipeg Written by Assembly of First Nations Media Release 2201
Tribal candidate must testify or take Navajo test Written by FELICIA FONSECA, Associated Press 2353
Brazil’s indigenous seek out city, end up in slums Written by JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press 2407
High Level United Nations Conference Focuses on World’s Indigenous Peoples on September 22-23 Written by World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 3010
Oglala Sioux Tribal Council suspends president Written by Associated Press 2205
Amazon Indians, victims of war, exhumed in Peru Written by RANKLIN BRICENO, Associated Press Writer 2018
Graduate’s quest becomes a career Written by CHRISTINA TATU, Pocono Record 2656
All UKB Citizens May Purchase automobile tags, no matter where they live Written by MARILYN CRAIG, UKB Media Release 2136
Protesters occupy remote oilfield in Peru Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 2101
Brazil police find bodies of men killed in jungle Written by STAN LEHMAN, Associated Press 2485
Farmers attack Brazil’s Indian affairs agency Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 2954
Leader of Brazil’s Guarani-Kaiowa tribe killed Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 2971
Lawyers bring fresh lawsuit on sale of Hopi masks Written by THOMAS ADAMSON, Associated Press 2852
C&A Court Justice: ‘It may be necessary to start all over again’ Written by LENZY KREHBIEL-BURTON, Native Times 3253
UN: Canada faces crisis over indigenous issues Written by ALEXANDRA OLSON, Associated Press 3536
Pope speaks out on Amazon during Brazil trip Written by BRADLEY BROOKS, Associated Press 3084
Venezuela investigates slaying of indigenous chief Written by CHRISTOPHER TOOTHAKER, Associated Press 3819
Indigenous Chileans Still Fighting Pinochet-Era Highway Project Written by Marianela Jarroud 4668
Brazilian Indians protest invasion of their lands Written by Associated Press 4139
Brazilian Indians attack police outpost Written by Associated Press 5036
Venezuela Indians: Germany should return boulder Written by CHRISTOPHER TOOTHAKER and DAVID RISING, Associated Press 5030
Development push puts Brazil’s indigenous at risk Written by MARCO SIBAJA, Associated Press 5411
Mexico’s chance at first female president slims Written by ADRIANA GOMEZ LICON, Associated Press 3452
In Hebrew language revival, an indigenous Nordic people see hope Written by DANIELLA CHESLOW, Associated Press 5719
Panama Indians win withdrawal of dam, mines law Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 5445
Indians, Panama gov't in deal to end road blockade Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 3818
Panama police, indigenous clash over blockade Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 5414
Isolated Peru tribe makes uncomfortable contact Written by FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press 6639
Mexico hit by rumors of Indian famine, suicides Written by MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press 5864
Jose Francisco Cali Tzay Re-Elected to ICERD Written by International Indian Treaty Council Release 5967
Brazil Indians in dam protest release 7 hostages Written by Associated Press 4373
Brazil fears tribe overrun by traffickers Written by STAN LEHMAN, Associated Press 6537
Brazil government identifies uncontacted tribe Written by JULIANA BARBASSA, Associated Press 5831
Maori head returns to New Zealand after 136 years Written by CECILE BRISSON, Associated Press 7150
7 Indians gunned down in western Venezuela Written by Associated Press 7593
Paraguay: Last Maka Indian chief has no male heir Written by Associated Press 8411
Agreement with Maori tribe saves All Blacks' haka Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 9365
Police evict indigenous Easter Island protesters Written by MICHAEL WARREN, Associated Press 9384
Unique photos of uncontacted Brazilian Indians released Written by SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL 9802
Migrants say Arizona worth risk of crossing Written by AMANDA LEE MYERS and JULIE WATSON, Associated Press Writers 10120
Bolivia court upholds seizure of US man's ranch Written by CARLOS VALDEZ, Associated Press Writer 9530
Brazil Indians free workers at hydroelectric site Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 9600
Fabled Burmese fighters forgotten but forgiving Written by DENIS D. GRAY, Associated Press Writer 9623
Tribe reburies Aboriginal warrior killed in 1800s Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS 9324
Racism row after cannibals comment Written by Associated Press 9402
Australia plans to change 'racist' welfare policy Written by ROD McGUIRK, 
Associated Press Writer 7811
Mexican reporters on gov't tourism trip kidnapped Written by GUSTAVO RUIZ, Associated Press Writer 8790
Peru indigenous leader detained on return home Written by CARLA SALAZAR, 
Associated Press Writer 7301
Indian town drops death penalty in murder case Written by Associated Press 9772
Bolivia seeks lesson from Norway on oil strategy Written by Associated Press 9841
NZ leader offends Maori with cannibal joke Written by RAY LILLEY, 
Associated Press Writer 9296
UN rights experts criticize Arizona law Written by ELIANE ENGELER, 
Associated Press Writer 7788
France approves return of Maori heads Written by THIBAULT LEROUX, 
Associated Press Writer 8962
More survivors of Mexico ambush emerge from bush Written by MORGAN LEE, 
Associated Press Writer 6606
9 companies win bid for huge Amazon dam project Written by MARCO SIBAJA
, Associated Press Writer 8445
New Zealand backs indigenous rights, US to review Written by EDITH M. LEDERER, 
Associated Press Writer 8242
Venezuelan prosecutors probe Amazon Indian deaths Written by CHRISTOPHER TOOTHAKER, 
Associated Press Writer 6475
Kidnapped Mexican jounalist found with throat slit Written by Associated Press 7207
NAJA board member to participate in World Indigenous forum in Australia Written by Native American Journalists Association release 7946
Court will not hear N-appeal from islanders Written by Associated Press 6652
Seneca Nation of Indians Accuses President Barack Obama of Deliberately Betraying Native Americans b Written by Sharon Linstedt, Travers Collins & Company 8279
Salazar, Canadian minister sign agreement for Indigenous peoples Written by US DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR 5220
Malaysian indigenous tribes protest land changes Written by JULIA ZAPPEI, 
Associated Press Writer 7949
Australian says Aborigine recognition is tokenism Written by TANALEE SMITH, 
Associated Press Writer 5250
APTN launches National Aboriginal Day flag contest Written by ABORIGINAL PEOPLES TELEVISION NETWORK 5832
Tsunami sweeps away entire towns on Chilean coast Written by MICHAEL WARREN and ROBERTO CANDIA, 
Associated Press Writers 5557
Mexican author Carlos Montemayor dies at 62 Written by Associated Press 6256
Canada’s far north makes the most of Olympic stage Written by DAVID CRARY, 
AP National Writer 5652
Mexican immigrant gets baby back from state Written by SHELIA BYRD
, Associated Press Writer 11724
Australian Aboriginal singer Ruby Hunter dies Written by OWEN PYE, 
Associated Press Writer 5834
Bolivia to create space program, launch satellite Written by Associated Press 5939
400 rebels surrender in India’s restive northeast Written by WASBIR HUSSAIN
, Associated Press Writer 5936
Bolivian candidate sentenced to make adobe bricks Written by Associated Press 5603
Rights group: Vedanta mine would hurt India tribes Written by RMUNEEZA NAQVI
, Associated Press Writer 5292
Bolivia tackles gender equality in government Written by CARLOS VALDEZ, 
Associated Press Writer 7028
`The White Ribbon’ top contender for foreign Oscar Written by Associated Press 5229
Bolivia gets 2nd holiday marking nation’s founding Written by Associated Press 5073
Social forum activists denounce corporate greed Written by ALAN CLENDENNING, 
Associated Press Writer 5242
Aborigines offended by Russian ice dance Written by TANALEE SMITH, 
Associated Press Writer 7111
Chile repatriates Indian remains from Europe Written by Associated Press 5625
Researchers studying Aboriginal youth health leadership through theater Written by TINA PELLETIER, Office of Communications, First Nations University of Canada 7568
Indian political awakening stirs Latin America Written by FRANK BAJAK 10996
2 Indians killed amid dispute in western Venezuela Written by Associated Press 7969
U.N. official investigating housing conditions at Pine Ridge Written by International Indian Treaty Council 9552
Chile: Indians reject an Indian Affairs Ministry Written by EVA VERGARA, 
Associated Press Writer 7247
Report: Massive pollution in Peruvian Amazon years after remediation Written by GREGOR MacLENNAN, Amazon Watch 7588
Peru's Amazon Indians warn of renewed protests Written by ANDREW WHALEN, Associated Press Writer 7277

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